Inspections and expertise in Le Havre and throughout France

Inspections and expertise for the transport of dangerous goods

CTM Survey offers its expertise in survey, inspection and control for the transport of goods by sea or land.

Our expertise at CTM Surey

Loading dangerous goods (IMDG) into containers

We intervene during container stuffing operations for the transport of dangerous goods. Our expertise in the field is based on the IMDG Code, the IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Good Practice (CTU Code) for the loading of cargoes into transport equipment, and the CSC Convention.

Our offer consists of / a :

  • Inspection of the empty container (fit for transport) in accordance with the CSC convention

  • Inspection of parcels and packaging (labelling and marking).

  • Dangerous goods segregation inspection.

  • Inspection of loading and securing of loads in accordance with the CTU code.

  • Inspection of container placarding and marking.

  • Atmospheric control (explosivity test for certain cargoes).

  • Issue of a report within a short timeframe.

Recent studies have highlighted numerous problems in the transportation of dangerous goods. The conclusion of this work enables us to identify considerable risks for all transport players. Read our article on the figures from a recent study on the subject ” Transport of dangerous goods in 2019. Alarming figures”.

Shipping companies are interested in these services. They enable us to identify the quality and regulatory compliance of our customers, and detect any anomalies before they are loaded on board.

Inspection of your consignments for land and sea transport.

We examine the compliance of cargo securing for road, sea and rail transport (EN 12195-1 and/or IMO CSS Code). Our work covers all types of goods and all types of transport equipment: semi-trailers, tankers, sea containers, flat rack containers, road trailers (MAFI), ships and many others. It consists of: monitoring of complete operations and/or a post-stowage inspection - Report on the compliance of stowage and loading - Provision of calculation notes - Recommendations.

Prepare your shipments as well as possible.

Would you like advice on shipping a particular type of cargo, or would you like to formalise a stowage procedure in writing? We will study your requirements carefully and develop solutions tailored to the mode and means of transport you have defined. To do this, we can - Developing lashing solutions - Drafting lashing procedures - advice - Technical feasibility. We remain at your disposal for any other request.

Explosion and atmosphere control

We offer atmosphere and explosion testing for a wide range of applications: degassing certificate for tankers, ships, barges, etc. - Degassing certificate for containers - Inerting certificate for ships. We are approved by HAOPA PORT (N°4677D21) as an expert for atmospheric controls and degassing certificates on board ships.

Heavy Parcel / Project Cargo

At CTM SURVEY, we specialise in the rigorous monitoring and control of operations involving heavy packages and indivisible masses. For your special cargo, including outsize loads and oversized freight requiring special attention, we are your partner. and oversized cargo requiring special attention, we're your partner to ensure that your projects are properly monitored. to your projects. Monitoring and recommendations role is more than just monitoring; we also offer strategic and regulatory strategic recommendations that comply with current regulations to optimise optimise the safety and efficiency of your transport operations. Our expertise in lashing ensures meticulous control, reducing the risks associated with transporting your cargo.