In Le Havre and throughout France

Land and sea transport: training, inspection, expertise, auditing

At CTM Survey, we offer our services and training in land and sea transport to insurers, shippers, freight forwarders, road hauliers, packers, shipping companies, freight forwarders, shippers, load securing companies and much more.


Master regulations to protect your interests and guarantee safe transport.


Audit for securing loads and dangerous goods.

Expertise & Inspection

Inspections and expertise in maritime and land transport.

In Le Havre and throughout France

Stowage and loading for land and sea transport

Experts in land and sea transport

CTM Survey is a consultancy firm based in Le Havre, as well as a training organization specializing in land and sea transport.


Dangerous goods transport expertise

Lashing and loading for land and sea transport.

CTM Survey is a Le Havre-based company with key skills in load securing, loading and control of dangerous goods.

Cargostowage and loading/unloading is a complex set of operations which must take account of numerous standards and regulations depending on the mode(s) of transport.

Over the last ten years, we’ve seen a significant evolution in legislation on stowage and loading rules. We are currently witnessing a regulatory overhaul by the executive branch.

To provide you with the best possible support in applying regulations and protecting your interests, we put our expertise, auditing and training in maritime and land transport at your service.