Audits in Le Havre and throughout France

Audit for sea and land freight transport

CTM Survey offers its expertise in auditing, consulting, studies, inspection and prevention for the transport of goods by sea or land.

Audit for loading and securing loads

The audit is a relevant tool for improvement, enabling the identification of weak points and non-conformities, as well as the structure’s strong points. Our intervention is formalized by a full report enabling the company to identify any discrepancies and take corrective action. Together we define the terms of the audit in advance, and we visit the site.

Public concerned by audits



Road haulier


Load securing company

Port handler

Our expertise at CTM Surey

Our sea and land freight services

  • Assist with loading and securing operations (containers, semi-trailers, etc.) at your request. Note: In the absence of available loads, or as a complement to the inspection, we can also use photographs of previous stowage and loading operations to advise you.

  • Assessment of your knowledge and skills.

  • Equipment inspection (securing devices and transport equipment).

  • Analysis of your internal processes for load planning, load securing and protection of company interests.

  • Identify strengths.

  • Identify weak points and non-conformities.

  • Recommendations and general conclusion of the audit.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement.